Work Samples







The following are some excerpts videos from Kid's Studio. They were shoot with the AG HVX200 Panasonic at 720/24p. For the Hopscotch segment a Jib Lite was used. Also edited with FCP7 and Ae.

This segment was shot, for the Opening

of the first episode. Liz and Dylan just got into the rocket-ship.

Children are playing a popular playground game. The sequence will link with a zoom from earth to the KXS rocket-ship.

Matt Zahand is a 14 years old, black belt. Matt Kiai is not violent, it helps to create a balance between body and mind forces.

Active Denial is a rock band that recently launch his second album, and had learn how to market themselves.

Genevieve and Cara are all beauty, grace, and strength, but also are hard work and dedication.

William Anderson Omatch, is a 10 years old that gives concerts, snowboard, and built computers.