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Isabel Recio Levine is a writer/producer/director with nearly 30 years of experience developing on-air promotions and programs for the Hispanic U.S.A and Latin America Networks, and Broadcast Industry. Among the promotions and programs she had produced and directed we can mention the Super-Stunts of the Discovery Channel, The Lipton Tennis Championship promotions for DirecTV - GLA and Protagonists for Telemundo Networks. At the present she is developing Kid’s Studio (work in progress), a children internet and television series. She consider herself a promoter of ideas, programs, products and people.



Software/Hardware Skills

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Ondas award for television production excellence from Spain Television, for the series:“Children the Most innocent victim”.

Work Samples

The following are some pictures from Kid’s Studio and others 3D elements from the animations made for the series.


Toys Inki Punki